BBC1 - "Around the world in 80 days"

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BBC1 - "Around the world in 80 days"

A celebrity relay race, reenacting Fileous Fog's and Michael Palin's journey around the globe without flying. BBC's, Louise Minchin and Bill Turnball take over leg 5 crossing from Mongolia, across the Transiberian Train to Vladivostock in Russia, a Ferry to South Korea and eventually across the Pacific in a cargo ship to LA with 16,000 miles.

A true travel log full of amazing cultures and experiences in the desperate race to meet the next team to complete the mission of circumnavigating the world in 80 days without flight. As with all these types of documentary travel logs the pressure is deciding what equipment you would like to take and what you need. You need to travel light and be mobile but also be able to deal with inevitable technical issues.

The main consideration while crossing so many countries is radio microphone frequency interference. Sabsound prepared for this by taking a varied spectrum of radios, covering UHF and VHF bands. We needed to be mobile and cable free so used a separate sound set up. The documentary was shot on one main camera and 2nd unit DV camera and small onboard camera.

Every camera was locked with 24hr run time code locked to the sound hard drive. As well as recording Isolated tracks and a Program mix locally on the hard drive, a wireless mix was sent to the main camera, and a directors fold back so he could monitor at any time. The documentary was fast moving and involved quick thinking dealing with environments and technical issues as they arose as well as the usual fatigue of a pretty intense schedule throughout the 16,000 miles covered.

Finished Project

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