CH5 - Secret Interview - TWOFOUR

Written by Sabsound Webmaster at 9:58 PM on Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sabsound has just finished filming a new Channel 5 Series for Two Four Productions which involved running several installations simultaneously across the UK. The production involved setting up an integrated radio installation all recording to the main frame multi track recorders creating isolated tracks of individual radio Mics as well as recording several discrete planted Mics in each location.

Duplicate receivers were also placed on the large format cameras enabling tracks to be recorded to each camera which could be selected at anytime by dialing into the specific frequency of any contributor. All the cameras were slaved with Time of Day Time Code and were slaved to the Master Audio and synced to the several fixed cameras using a digital slate displaying the same time code.

The system meant that several formats of cameras could be used at anytime reducing the number of crew required following the action and allowing smaller format cameras self shot to cover situations with more contributors than would normally be possible to film while capturing professional sound.

The system gave a huge amount of flexibility and recorded high quality sound in often pressured one take environments involving unscripted actors let loose in various situations. The new show is currently in post production and we look forward to sharing more details with you when the process is a little further down the chain.

It is sure to be a big success as there were many laugh out loud moments in this new style of show due to be released later this year on Channel 5.

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