Written by Sabsound Webmaster at 10:14 PM on Friday, June 21, 2013

Sabsound takes the challenge on to record the unpredictable while working for Lime Productions on its new hyper reality show.

The brief is to record and monitor anyone of the cast or contributors at anytime of day or night in the Geordie Shore house or city wide.

Sabsound has designed a bespoke installation that allows for sound to be captured from any of the multiple remote cameras using over 600m of cable to the wired microphones and completed a series of tests on different microphone manufacture's to find the best mic out there for the bespoke design.

 Sabsound invests in the Audio Technica multi element U853R's for its main placed microphone to compliment the wireless radio installation for personal mics worn by the cast and contributors in the Geordie Shore House and city of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Sabsound also provides a mobile solution following the mania shot using multiple cameras.

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