CH4 - "Playing it straight"

Written by Sabsound Webmaster at 8:48 PM on Sunday, June 23, 2013

CH4 - "Playing it straight"

T4's Jameela Jamil hosts the new version of the hit elimination show which sees one girl to choose from 12 young bachelors; some of whom are gay and must pretend they are straight in order win the girl's heart and a cash prize. With £50,000 at stake the girl whittles down the boys with comedy challenges and tough eliminations to make a final decision.

Sabsound captured the sound for this multi camera shoot which used various shooting styles from observational mobile PSC set ups following a range of activities from abseiling 180m, hot air ballooning, horse & carts, salsa dancing and others to the more formula studio elimination set ups. We used a combination of mobile 8 track recorders over the shoulder and the Sabsound van rigged up as mobile studio. The integrated radio installation allowed for any of the contributors to be recorded to any of the cameras, PSC rigs or Mobile studio at any time.

We were able to multi track all of the events, locked up with Time code offering post production a resource to turn to offering pro sound coverage for actuality recorded by AP's and Directors self shooting as well as allow producers to listen to any contributor at any time so they could follow story lines.

Finished Project

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