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US Hit Reality show comes to the UK in Newcastle following 8 energetic hedonistic party animals out to prove they are the cream of Newcastle. Full of mayhem and madness, fights and frolics and with coverage 24/7 this is Big Brother gone wild!

The brief for this project was to be able to record and listen to the contributors at any time either in the Geordie Shore House or anywhere they may go in the city or local area. There were two elements to this bespoke solution to the brief.

This consisted of an integrated wireless radio microphone installation, which was recorded to multi tracks in the control room and duplicate radio receivers that any of the PSC mixers or cameras could dial into while operating mobile.

The second element of the installation was a bespoke wired installation for the audio on the 4 remote camera heads recording in 5 zones in the Geordie Shore house at any time of day or night. Using over 600m of cabling we were able to wire in specifically chosen hidden microphones to capture the madness which unfolded while running for 6 weeks 24/7 offering superb quality audio for recording and storyline monitoring for Producers.

Finished Project

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