DISCOVERY - "The secret life of the rain forest"

Written by Sabsound Webmaster at 9:04 PM on Sunday, June 23, 2013

DISCOVERY - "The secret life of the rain forest"

Sabsound LTD recently invested in the new technology from Soundfield using the ST450 surround sound microphone on location in the jungle of Panama. The documentary shot in 3D for Electric Sky Productions followed the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and its scientists as they continued their work investigating all aspects of the rain forest from the ground to the canopy.

The sound track of the documentary is truly epic with the all the amazing sounds of the jungle with Howler and Spider Monkies, birds, Cicarda's, frogs and thunderstorms all captured in true surround sound. The documentary is scheduled for world -wide cinema release in early 2012 with the Smithsonian Institute and 3D and 2D television broadcast with Sky Television and US associates Fox.

Sky have put this program as their flagship show and put it forward for nomination at the BAFTAs. As the demand for High Definition and 3D explodes onto our screens it's not only cinemas demanding surround sound but the viewer listening at home. This shoot required working across multiple platforms on various 3D and 2D camera rigs. All cameras were locked together using 24Hr Run Time code, utilizing a Digi slate, Lockit boxes and also wireless program guide tracks for all cameras that allowed. All the sound was mastered onto the external multi track hard disk with recorded isolated tracks of all inputs, including constant B-format Surround, simultaneous M/S stereo and individual radio mics.

From these iso tracks we generated a location stereo mix safe in the knowledge that post production could remix any scene to create the best 5.1 surround track possible. The shoot involved operating in extreme 100% humidity with torrential rain and for prolonged hours in pretty rugged terrain. The shoot presented many challenges while following the scientists at work often climbing high up in the jungle canopy, which required us to make use of directional antennas with increased amplification to cope with the distance involved. By recording constant atmospheres for each scene post production were able to easily smooth out edits recorded in an often very noisy environment and enhance the overall sound track by additional recorded Surround atmospheres and wild tracks.

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