BBC - Oz & Hugh raise the bar

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BBC - Oz & Hugh raise the bar

On a mission to discover the "The Best of British", Oz Clarke and Hugh Dennis set off on a comical road trip in a Dutch "Tonke" camper van sampling fine wines, beer and Spirits all over England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales meeting colorful characters along the way.

As well as providing the programmes main sound for the project shot in a largely documentary style, we rigged the sound in "Tonke" camper van, which was using 3 onboard cameras to capture events within. We used duplicate radio receivers used with the main PSC recording to allow seam less transitions from filming outside the trucks to driving off, recorded to a time coded hard disk recorder.

To prevent more data being recorded than required and the knock on effects for post -production we introduced a sync system that either the crew or Oz and Hugh could use themselves while driving long distances. We custom made a fail safe record switch which glowed red on the dashboard and with a digital slate we were able to easily slip into record and capture the sound from the radio mics and the fixed wired microphones at any time of the journey, which sync perfectly to the cameras.

We transmitted a mix of the conversation to the producers chase car, which was plumbed into the car audio system allowing him to listen to all the content at any time. He was able to direct and produce further conversations if required by the use of 2 way radios, which were also distributed to other crew vehicles allowing a film production covering large distances to maximise what they were able to capture on and off the road.

Finished Project

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