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Colin Clarke TURNING POINT - D-Day ABC / York Assc/ABC
Colin Clarke RED FILE - Secret Soviet Moon Mission / Soviet Sports Wars PBS / InVision Prods.
Stuart Wareing Zoo Days 5 / ITV Anglia
Stuart Wareing Victor Chandler Football\'s Changed TV Commercial / The Mob Films
Colin Clarke Who Killed Julius Caesar? Ch. 5 / Discovery Ch. / Atlantic TV
Colin Clarke FRONTLINE - Black Money PBS / Frontline CA
Stuart Wareing Countryfile BBC / BBC
Stuart Wareing Secret Britain BBC / BBC
Chris Bruce Secret Millionaire (9 Eps) CH4 / RDF Media
Steve Hubbard Revolting World Stanley Brown CBBC / Retort
Chris Bruce Cutting Edge: The F*ucking Fulfords CH4 / Optomen
Andy Thompson Secret Millionaire CH4 / RDF MEDIA
Sean Carswell The Garage - Series 1& 2 Discovery / Endemol
Sean Carswell Shipwrecked - Battle Of The Islands. Series 5 and 6 CH4 / RDF Media
Andy Thompson Ramseys Kitchen Nightmares CH4 / Optomen
Stu Bruce IPS/AMPS Faking It CH4 / RDF Media (BAFTA Series)
Sean Carswell Around The World in 80 Days (Episode Four) BBC
Sean Carswell Gok Wan's - Made In China CH4 / Plum Pictures
Stu Bruce IPS/AMPS In Search Of Myths & Heroes BBC 2 / Maya Vision Int.
Stu Bruce IPS/AMPS Fighting The War BBC / RTS Winner Best Sound
Rory McGarrigle Imagine - Documentary Series (Various) BBC1 / BBC
Rory McGarrigle Songs of Praise BBC / BBC
Stu Bruce IPS/AMPS Geordie Shore MTV / Lime Pictures
Rory McGarrigle Mister Maker Comes To Town Series 3/4 (Childrens) BBC / Foundation / Zodiak Media
Stu Bruce IPS/AMPS Lava Men - Hawaii Sky 3D / The Weather Channel / Electric Sky
Peter Eason A.M.P.S. The Verdict BBC2 / RDF Media
Peter Eason A.M.P.S. Monty Don\'s Italian Gardens BBC2 / Blink Films
Oliver Rotchell AMPS/IPS Trade your Way to the USA II CBBC / Leopard Films
Mike Carling Kilimanjaro - Soap Mountain CH5 / RDF Media
Mike Carling Secrets of the Iraq war ITV / Films of Record

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