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Colin Clarke NOVA - Iceman Murder Mystery PBS / National Geographic TV
Tim Hodge AMPS Unequal Opportunities with John Humphrys (1 x 60) BBC2 / Matchlight
Peter Eason A.M.P.S. Amazon BBC2 / Indus Films
Martin Qesku Illuminations: The Private Lives of Medieval Kings BBC4 / Oxford Film & TV
Colin Clarke FRONTLINE - Black Money PBS / Frontline CA
Tim Hodge AMPS Stephen Fry in America (4 0f 6 x 60) BBC1 / Westpark
Peter Eason A.M.P.S. Saving Planet Earth BBC1 / NHU BBC
Martin Qesku How To Build (A Racecar - McLaren) BBC 2
Colin Clarke When the Moors Ruled in Europe Channel 4 / Wildfire TV
Tim Hodge AMPS DRAMA: The Antiques Rogue Show (1 x 60) BBC2 / Dragonfly
Peter Eason A.M.P.S. English Heritage Ch 4 / Oxford Films
Martin Qesku History of Botany BBC 2
Colin Clarke Commanding Heights WGBH / InVision Prods.
Nick Walker IPS Goldrush Discovery Channel / Raw TV
Rory McGarrigle Formula 1 Grand Prix CBS / CBS America/Worldwide
Martin Qesku Gold Rush Alaska Discovery Channel / Raw TV
Colin Clarke SECRET HISTORY - The Peoples Duchesse Ch.4 / Paladin Pictures
Nick Walker IPS Secrets of the Pop Song BBC2 / Renegade
Rory McGarrigle Songs of Praise BBC / BBC
Martin Qesku Wheeler Dealers Discovery Channel / Attaboy TV
Colin Clarke TIMEWATCH - Lenin's Secret Files BBC 2 / InVision Prods.
Nick Walker IPS Crimes That Shook The World Discovery Channel / IWC Media
Rory McGarrigle Being Sold (Feature) Cinema / DVD / Phil Hawkins
Martin Qesku Brits Who Made The Modern World Channel 5 / Raw TV
Colin Clarke TURNING POINT - D-Day ABC / York Assc/ABC
Nick Walker IPS Fearless Planet, "Hawaii" and "Sahara" Discovery Channel / Impossible Pictures
Rory McGarrigle TRESeme (Commercial) Various / The Gate Films
Martin Qesku Time Team Channel 4 / Videotext Productions
Stu Bruce IPS/AMPS Lost Worlds Discovery - Electric Sky

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