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Stu Bruce IPS/AMPS The Garage - Series 1,2 & 3 Discovery / Cheetah
Mat Adams IPS 71 Degrees North Series 1 and 2 ITV / Fever Media
Tim Hodge AMPS DRAMA: Canoeman (1 x 60) BBC2 / Dragonfly
Tim Hodge AMPS DRAMA: The Antiques Rogue Show (1 x 60) BBC2 / Dragonfly
Tim Hodge AMPS DRAMA: The Thieving Headmistress BBC2 / Firefly
Mat Adams IPS Seven Days C4 / Studio Lambert
Matthew Share AMPS/MIPS Dreams of a Life Channel 4 / Cannon/Morley Productions
Stu Bruce IPS/AMPS King Solomon's Tablet BBC / Horizon
Stu Bruce IPS/AMPS Faking It CH4 / RDF Media (BAFTA Series)
Andy Thompson In the wild with Meg Ryan CH5/PBS / Tigress
Matthew Share AMPS/MIPS Richard Wilson on Hold Channel 4 / Watershed TV
Tim Hodge AMPS DRAMA: Armed Robbery Orgasm (1 x 60mins) BBC2 / Firefly
Nick Walker IPS Goldrush Discovery Channel / Raw TV
Nick Walker IPS Horizon BBC1 / In house
Matthew Share AMPS/MIPS Gimme a Break BBC / CBBC
Matthew Share AMPS/MIPS Time Team Channel 4 / Time Team Productions
Andy Thompson The History of the SAS CH4 / Windfall Films
Andy Thompson Fighting The War BBC2 / BBC
Andy Thompson Geldoff on Africa BBC / Brook Lapping Productions
Matthew Share AMPS/MIPS Undercover Boss series 4 & 5 Channel 4 / Studio Lambert
Nick Walker IPS Nelson's Navy : Back From the Dead Channel 4 / October Films
Nick Walker IPS Secrets of the Pop Song BBC2 / Renegade
Nick Walker IPS Jamie's Fish Suppers Channel 4 / Fresh One
Matthew Share AMPS/MIPS Girlfri3nds ITV2 / Studio Lambert
Matthew Share AMPS/MIPS The One Show BBC1 / Real Life Media
Andy Thompson Ramseys Kitchen Nightmares CH4 / Optomen
Andy Thompson Gangs with Ross Kemp Sky1 / Tiger Aspect
Andy Thompson Ross Kemp B Company Sky1 / Tiger Aspect
Matthew Share AMPS/MIPS Celebrity Wedding Planners FIVE / Renegade
Nick Walker IPS The Story of Science, "What is Out There" BBC2 / Produced in house

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