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Peter Eason A.M.P.S. History Cold Case BBC2 / Shine Television
Peter Eason A.M.P.S. The National Trust Ch 4 / Oxford Films
Rory McGarrigle Songs of Praise BBC / BBC
Rory McGarrigle Vosene (Commerical) Worldwide / The MOB
Sean Carswell The Block ITV / RDF Media
Sean Carswell Plain Jane MTV / GoggleBox
Steve Hubbard To the Manor Reborn BBC
Stuart Wareing First Love Sky Arts / Electric Sky
Tim Hodge AMPS Edwardian Farm (12 x 60 mins) BBC2 / Lion TV
Stuart Wareing Victor Chandler Football\'s Changed TV Commercial / The Mob Films
Tim Hodge AMPS DRAMA: The Antiques Rogue Show (1 x 60) BBC2 / Dragonfly
Nick Walker IPS Jamie's Fish Suppers Channel 4 / Fresh One
Chris Bruce Penelope Keiths Hidden Villages Reef for Channel 4 & E4
Nick Walker IPS Election BBC1 / Diverse
Nick Walker IPS Goldrush Discovery Channel / Raw TV
Stuart Wareing Safestyle UK TV Commercial / The Gate Films
Tim Hodge AMPS The Great Game: A personal view by Rory Stewart MP (2 x 60 mins) BBC2 / Matchlight
Stuart Wareing Celebrity Wedding Planner 5 / Renegade Pictures
Steve Hubbard Divorce Shariah Style BBC / Faction Films
Sean Carswell Wife Swap and Celebrity Wife Swap RDF Media
Sean Carswell Treasure Quest (Series One) Discovery US
Rory McGarrigle Being Sold (Feature) Cinema / DVD / Phil Hawkins
Sean Carswell Gok Wan's - Made In China CH4 / Plum Pictures
Rory McGarrigle A1GP - WorldCup of Motorsport 2005-2009 Host / Worldwide / A1GP Organisation
Peter Eason A.M.P.S. Giant Otters Natural World BBC / NHU BBC
Oliver Rotchell AMPS/IPS BP New North Sea 24 Digital
Mike Carling Extreme Fishing Robson Green CH5 / IWC Media
Mike Carling Fighting the War BBC / BBC (Nom. RTS 2003)
Mike Carling Inside Nature's Giants CH4 / Windfall (Bafta Winner 2010)
Matthew Share AMPS/MIPS The One Show BBC1 / Real Life Media

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