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Rory McGarrigle Vosene (Commerical) Worldwide / The MOB
Sean Carswell James May's Toy Stories Special 'The Great Train Race' BBC / Plum Pictures
Sean Carswell Around The World in 80 Days (Episode Four) BBC
Chris Bruce Undercover Boss - Npower CH4 / Studio Lambert
Colin Clarke NOVA - Iceman Murder Mystery PBS / National Geographic TV
Chris Bruce Secret Millionaire (9 Eps) CH4 / RDF Media
Martin Qesku King James Bible, Melvyn Bragg BBC 2
Martin Qesku Wheeler Dealers Discovery Channel / Attaboy TV
Martin Qesku Gardener's World Special - Malaysia BBC 2
Colin Clarke The Truth About Democracy Channel 4/PBS / Lion TV
Colin Clarke Sergio Cinema release/HBO / Silverbridge Prods.
Colin Clarke When the Moors Ruled in Europe Channel 4 / Wildfire TV
Sean Carswell Treasure Quest (Series One) Discovery US
Sean Carswell Oz and James' Big Wine Adventure BBC 2
Sean Carswell Extraordinary Animals - Chimps/Dogs Ch5/Animal Planet / Blink TV
Martin Qesku Time Team Channel 4 / Videotext Productions
Martin Qesku Chop Shop, London Garage Discovery Channel / Raw TV
Martin Qesku Chop Shop 2, London Garage Discovery Channel / Raw TV
Mat Adams IPS Turn Back Time BBC 1 / Wall to Wall
Mat Adams IPS The Only Way is Essex series 2 ITV / Lime Pictures
Sean Carswell Wife Swap and Celebrity Wife Swap RDF Media
Sean Carswell The Garage - Series 1& 2 Discovery / Endemol
Sean Carswell 'Paki' BBC 2
Colin Clarke Who Killed Julius Caesar? Ch. 5 / Discovery Ch. / Atlantic TV
Colin Clarke Jacky Chan's Hong Kong Discovery Ch. / Creative Media
Colin Clarke SECRET HISTORY - The Peoples Duchesse Ch.4 / Paladin Pictures
Colin Clarke IN THE BOOD - Lost Tribes BBC 2 / BBC TV
Colin Clarke Quest for the Lost Civilisation Ch.4 / Discovery Ch. / Independent Image
Sean Carswell The Fight Video Release / Lennox Lewis and Chrysalis TV
Steve Hubbard To the Manor Reborn BBC

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