Sabsound is able to offer complete Camera solutions and supply equipment rental that consider the entire workflow on any required format. We work with some of the best Director of Photographers and technicians in the industry and are able to look after your productions with anything from single camera documentaries, Hot Head remote camera installations or specialist rigs designed specifically to capture what you need.

We consider the complete package and have the ability to deliver your entire program with picture and sound using the best equipment on the market to suit all budgets.


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“Skyline Crew”

Production Company: Electric Sky Production
Broadcaster: Discovery
DOP – Barry Donnellan

These buildings might be behemoths of the building world, but our cleaners know all the cracks, crevices and tricks of the trade to get the job done perfectly, whilst training new recruits to handle these imposing challenges. We follow the gravity defying exploits of the most daring, high level maintenance workers in the US:

  • Maintaining buildings 400 feet above the streets
  • Installing pools on penthouse roofs
  • Reaching awkward corners at impossible angles suspended from thin cords
  • Making sense of architects’ flights of fancy by crawling along the narrowest of ledges and the most precipitous of parapets to make repairs and install light bulbs
  • Whatever is needed, wherever it is – these guys can do it

This is the daily workload of Abseilon – earning a wage doesn’t get tougher than this, and only the most courageous can last the pace. Abseilon is one of the US’s most audacious specialist cleaning companies based in Phoenix, Arizona. This year it is on the brink of breaking into the highly lucrative market in Las Vegas, Nevada – home of the outrageous sky scraper and the impossible structure, matching the dreams of those who visit in search of riches. Abseilon’s owner Ken Piposar started out as a rookie window cleaner just ten years ago.

Following the American dream, Ken decided he could go it alone and began cleaning residential houses in 2005. After a few months the business began expanding. One day he got the job of cleaning a building no one else could tackle. He joined forces with Ricky Dilman, an experienced climber, and they got it done. Their reputation was established quickly and the team became known for tackling any job no matter how daunting. From installing 40,000 sqft banners in a day, to lifting swimming pools into skyscrapers and resealing entire apartment blocks, Abseilon are prepared to tackle any challenge. They have revolutionised and invented equipment that makes them leaders in rope access safety. The company trains new recruits in its Arizona based school and works on safety programmes with the US government. This summer they are sinking cash into employees, a new office and a brand new venture in Las Vegas. Ken is negotiating deals with hotels and resorts owned by the big casino groups in the city, while his crew cracks on with work on two 130m tall towers.

Hot Head Installation

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Specialist Camera

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