Having the right people for the job and knowing availability fast is increasingly important to productions. We are able to take care of you entire crewing needs from the end of your finger tips with our new Sabsound Producers App. Register here and download to your mobile or check availability from our website and be in touch directly with our network.

Everyone on the network is proven, experienced across the world and known to us personally and have years of experience. We often crew up jobs either for individuals or multi crew set-ups for many of our clients and have a growing client base which have been introduced to the network and worked with many of our technicians. With a wide variation of experience in pretty much every environment and set up, we have the skill base to take care of any project requirement imaginable, for Sound Mixers, Cameras, Producers, Directors, Production staff, Assistants and runners alike. We only work with the best and there is a strict invite only to join the network ensuring both quality and importantly the ability for clients and contributors to relax knowing that they are in the best possible hands.

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If you are interested in joining the network firstly you must understand that only members can invite other members into the network. So your first call is to check out the members page and see if you know any of the people involved. We are only interested in people who have over 10 years in the industry and a proven track record and CV in the industry to support this. Your credits will go along way to proving your technical ability and with a member recommending you to the Sabsound Network we can consider your application and invite you to join. Feel free to call us to discuss this and we will happily bring you up to speed with how the Sabsound Network operates. We only work with the best and take our client relationships very seriously and deliver the best crew for the job and offer the best service in the industry. If you feel you can bring something to the network and want to benefit from our growing client base and our specially designed Sabsound Crew App then feel free to get in touch.

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Many Thanks: Team Sabsound.

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