Sabsound offers bespoke solutions delivering the highest quality sound for all your production requirements. We work across all types of genres providing professional technicians experienced across the world utilising the latest equipment that best suit the project in hand.

We pride ourselves with client service and attention to detail and often take on specialist jobs other than the examples illustrated below. Drop us a line and let us discuss what Sabsound can do for you.

Outside Broadcast

“Multi Camera Live or ISO recorded Sports and Entertainment”

Outside Broadcast in the UK deals primarily with high-end live or as-live sports and entertainment programmes. Using last weekend as an example Sabsound audio engineer Matt Boyle worked on both. Firstly working on a football match for Sky Sports and secondly a film premier for Video Europe.

Outside Broadcasts are essentially movable TV production galleries which consist of the gallery itself, tape room, video room and audio suit. Multiple cameras are fed back to the vision mixer via triax (copper) or fibre optic cable. All audio sources are fed in the same manner back to an audio desk (Calrec is the industry standard in the UK).

Within the truck all equipment takes a reference from a dual unit (this provides redundancy should the first unit fail) Sync Pulse Generator (SPG). The SPG is essentially the heartbeat of the truck. It provides HD and SD colour bars, DARS, Tone, Tri and Bi level syncs. This guarantees all equipment both internally and externally is synchronous. The SPG is put through a distribution Amplifier (DA), this allows OB trucks to lock to each other and provide facility for extra external equipment should it arise.

OB’s depend on multiple signals (sources) being sent to multiple destinations. This is achieved by multiple level audio and video routers. Once a source is in the router it can be cut to any destination via a router control panel. Routers allow for a reduction in distribution amplifiers. Digital desks now provide enough inputs and outputs (I/O) that they work seamlessly with the routers and become a very powerful extension, effectively doubling up all facilities.

Within the audio department OB sound is as much about communications (comms) as it is about programme audio. The comms system allows the various departments to communicate both internally and externally. The comms system also provides the OB with communications to the receiving broadcasters transmission suit; this is crucial when fault finding on live broadcasts. Within the UK this is achieved through ISDN paths, which are booked through BT.

OB-Production-Gallery RF-Talkback-Basestations-Full-Duplex

Derig Studio

“Goggle Box”

Production Company: Studio Lambert
Broadcaster: Channel 4

Gogglebox is an entertaining television review programme - narrated by Caroline Aherne - in which some of Britain's most opinionated and avid TV viewers comment freely on the best and worst television shows of the past week, from the comfort of their sofas.

Sabsound masterminded the technical set up to use Hot Head cameras operated from a derig studio within the contributors houses that needed to be fast to set up and of the smallest footprint. This enabled the contributors to relax without anyone in the room and react as naturally to the viewing as possible. Due to the rapid turn around of each show the programme sound was delivered as a final mix to camera decks, room atmosphere recorded as well as the actual program. It was important to assist the Producers and Directors to create mixes with Program sound and what they were watching as well as “The Voice of God” so directors could talk directly to the contributors sitting viewing the program. All the sound was mastered and backed up as ISO’s and camera decks locked up and mastered to Time Code.

Multi Camera

“Playing It Straight”

Production Company: Lion Television
Broadcaster: E4

T4´s Jameela Jamil hosts the new version of the hit elimination show which sees one girl to choose from 12 young bachelors; some of whom are gay and must pretend they are straight in order win the girl´s heart and a cash prize. With £50,000 at stake the girl whittles down the boys with comedy challenges and tough eliminations to make a final decision.

Sabsound captured the sound for this multi camera shoot which used various shooting styles from observational mobile PSC set ups following a range of activities from abseiling 180m, hot air ballooning, horse & carts, salsa dancing and others to the more formula studio elimination set ups. We used a combination of mobile 8 track recorders over the shoulder and a mobile studio rigged in a custom VW T5. The integrated radio installation allowed for any of the contributors to be recorded to any of the cameras, PSC rigs or Mobile studio at any time. We were able to multi track all of the events, locked up with Time code offering post production a resource to turn to offering pro sound coverage for actuality recorded by AP´s and Directors self shooting as well as allow producers to listen to any contributor at any time so they could follow story lines.

Documentary: Adventure, Historical, Observational, Factual


“Around The world in 80 Days”

Production Company: BBC 1
Broadcaster: BBC

A celebrity relay race, reenacting Fileous Fog´s and Michael Palin´s journey around the globe without flying. BBC´s, Louise Minchin and Bill Turnball take over leg 5 crossing from Mongolia, across the Transiberian Train to Vladivostock in Russia, a Ferry to South Korea and eventually across the Pacific in a cargo ship to LA with 16,000 miles. A true travel log full of amazing cultures and experiences in the desperate race to meet the next team to complete the mission of circumnavigating the world in 80 days without flight.

As with all these types of documentary travel logs the pressure is deciding what equipment you would like to take and what you need. You need to travel light and be mobile but also be able to deal with inevitable technical issues. The main consideration while crossing so many countries is radio microphone frequency interference. Sabsound prepared for this by taking a varied spectrum of radios, covering UHF and VHF bands. We needed to be mobile and cable free so used a separate sound set up. The documentary was shot on one main camera and 2nd unit DV camera and small onboard camera. Every camera was locked with 24hr run time code locked to the sound hard drive. As well as recording Isolated tracks and a Program mix locally on the hard drive, a wireless mix was sent to the main camera, and a directors fold back so he could monitor at any time. The documentary was fast moving and involved quick thinking dealing with environments and technical issues as they arose as well as the usual fatigue of a pretty intense schedule throughout the 16,000 miles covered.


“The Kings Speech”

Production Company: 1212 Productions
Broadcaster: Channel 4

The BAFTA and Oscar-nominated film The King's Speech has brought to the fore the inspiring story of King George VI's struggle to overcome his crippling stammer.

Featuring interviews with former patients of therapist Lionel Logue, the film provides insight into the working relationship between Logue and his royal patient as well as looking at the methods and techniques he employed to 'cure' his patients.

There are also interviews with leading historians of the King, Edward VIII, Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. Additionally the programme underlines the vital role of Queen Elizabeth, later the Queen Mother, in helping her husband overcome his disability.

The programme contrasts King George VI's speeches with those of his brother, the former King Edward VIII, a natural performer. Both men in speaking publicly - one renouncing his throne, the other accepting it - had to conquer their own demons and reveal themselves in a way a King had never done before.

Through these speeches the programme explores the relationships between the brothers and in turn their relationship with their father George V: the first King to speak on radio and television to his subjects.

The film also pulls into focus a moment in British history that fused the issue of the King's stammer and the destiny of the monarchy; an emerging age of mass communications; of economic depression and global instability: a period of British history when the monarchy needed to show leadership and confidence but with a King who had to overcome a key physical limitation: his stammer.


Example to Follow


“How Cities work”

Production Company: Electric Sky Productions
Broadcaster: Discovery Channel

We turn on the shower and there’s clean water. We buy food grown on the other side of the world from the shop next door. We get the train, tube or light railway into the office. We boot up the computer and there’s power.

Our cities are like huge complex living organisms and just like the human body; our cities rely on its vital organs – its infrastructure - power, transport, food, water and buildings to keep it and the people who live and work there alive.

This series explores how these vital systems work. It will unpack how the hip bone connects to the thigh bone and examine the impact of ever increasing demand. If our cities are to prosper bold new solutions are needed.

We will visit many of the ingenious engineering projects and vital enterprises that will keep our cities running in the years to come. Actuality will drive the narrative. We’ll meet the individuals who perform surprising and unseen tasks that keep the power on and the water flowing. Episodes are now confirmed as: Power Games, Food Fights, Concrete Jungle, Transport Tales and Water Works.

Reality Television

“Geordie Shore”

Production Company: Lime Pictures
Broadcaster: MTV

Us Hit Reality show comes to the UK in Newcastle following 8 energetic hedonistic party animals out to prove they are the cream of Newcastle. Full of mayhem and madness, fights and frolics and with coverage 24/7 this is Big Brother gone wild!

The brief for this project was to be able to record and listen to the contributors at any time either in the Geordie Shore House or anywhere they may go in the city or local area. There were two elements to this bespoke solution to the brief. This consisted of an integrated wireless radio microphone installation, which was recorded to multi tracks in the control room and duplicate radio receivers that any of the PSC mixers or cameras could dial into while operating mobile. The second element of the installation was a bespoke wired installation for the audio on the 4 remote camera heads recording in 5 zones in the Geordie Shore house at any time of day or night. Using over 600m of cabling we were able to wire in specifically chosen hidden microphones to capture the madness which unfolded while running for 6 weeks 24/7 offering superb quality audio for recording and storyline monitoring for Producers.


“House of Anubis”

Production Company: Lime Pictures
Broadcaster: Nickleodeon

"House of Anubis" is a jointly American/British/Belgian produced teen mystery/drama television show based on the Belgian/Dutch "Het Huis Anubis". It is the first Nickelodeon Series to be filmed overseas, and the channel's first soap opera aimed at children and teens.

The series follows an American student who moves in to an elite boarding school in the uk.

The series is the international version of "Het Huis Anubis" and is broadcast on the international channels of Nickelodeon around the world.

In 2011 House of Anubis won Nick UK's Favourite Show in the Nickelodeon UK Kids Choice Award.

Location Surround Sound

“Secret Life of the Rainforest”

Production Company: Electric Sky Productions
Broadcaster: Discovery

2012 International 3D Society Lumiere ™ Award-Europe. - Winner

Sabsound LTD recently invested in the new technology from Soundfield using the ST450 surround sound microphone on location in the jungle of Panama. The documentary shot in 3D for Electric Sky Productions followed the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and its scientists as they continued their work investigating all aspects of the rain forest from the ground to the canopy. The sound track of the documentary is truly epic with the all the amazing sounds of the jungle with Howler and Spider Monkies, birds, Cicarda’s, frogs and thunderstorms all captured in true surround sound.

The documentary was released for world -wide cinema in 2012 with the Smithsonian Institute and 3D and 2D television broadcast with Sky Television and US associates Fox. As the demand for High Definition and 3D explodes onto our screens it’s not only cinemas demanding surround sound but the viewer listening at home.

This shoot required working across multiple platforms on various 3D and 2D camera rigs. All cameras were locked together using 24Hr Run Time code, utilizing a Digi slate, Lockit boxes and also wireless program guide tracks for all cameras that allowed. All the sound was mastered onto the external multi track hard disk with recorded isolated tracks of all inputs, including constant B-format Surround, simultaneous M/S stereo and individual radio mics. From these iso tracks we generated a location stereo mix safe in the knowledge that post production could remix any scene to create the best 5.1 surround track possible. The shoot involved operating in extreme 100% humidity with torrential rain and for prolonged hours in pretty rugged terrain. The shoot presented many challenges while following the scientists at work often climbing high up in the jungle canopy, which required us to make use of directional antennas with increased amplification to cope with the distance involved. By recording constant atmospheres for each scene post-production were able to easily smooth out edits recorded in an often very noisy environment and enhance the overall sound track by additional recorded Surround atmospheres and wild tracks.


“Mister Maker Around The World”


In this latest series, Mister Maker travels to all four corners of the globe - from Sydney to Hong Kong, Cape Town to Rio and right across the UK, meeting & inspiring children in each location while learning about local cultures through crafts and art.

Mister Maker is a global children's TV phenomenon with a dedicated following of international mini makers. Devised to inspire children to have a go at making things, Mister Maker proves that anyone can be creative by demonstrating how easy and satisfying it is to make things.

The series is shot on location replicating a live studio environment including a full studio gallery with presenter talk-back, often in diverse and challenging environments in front of a live audience of mini makers. Now in its fifth installment, the show is broadcast in over 100 countries worldwide.


“Captain Morgan”

Production Company: Smuggler/ Goodgate

Directed by BAFTA award winning Director Tom Hooper known for many cinematic acclaims including “The Kings Speech” the commercials were filmed as a series of three on location in Spain.

Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan



Since 1976, Rolex has honoured extraordinary individuals who possess the courage and conviction to take on major challengers. Each Rolex Award for Enterprise is given for a new or ongoing project anywhere in the world - one that deserves support for its capacity to improve lives, or protect the world's natural and cultural heritage. The projects have touched all aspects of humanity by expanding knowledge or improving life on the planet.

Filming in often dangerous and unique locations worldwide, helping to tell unique stores through short form documentary films. All original sound source recordings including music.

Shot on location in slums of Korogocho, Nairobi Kenya. The story follows the efforts to build a 24hr Telemedicine centre; helping to reduce maternal mortality rates - saving the lives of both mothers and babies.



“Zayad Future Energy Prize”

Production Company: Icreate4
Event – Abah Dhabi

The Zayed Future Energy Prize represents the vision of the Late Founding Father and President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan, who championed environmental stewardship. This annual award celebrates achievements that reflect impact innovation, long-term vision and leadership in renewable energy and sustainability.

Working for ICREATE 4, Sabsound delivered the program sound for the broadcast CNBC program and the video content of the finalist ceremony in Abu Dhabi. The content included one on one interviews as well as recording large conference meetings with high powered and important delegates discussing proposed nominations for the prize in a series of meetings over a period of months. We spaced microphones throughout the conference tables for all delegates and radio microphones on key spokes people and created sub mixes recorded locally to the time coded hard disk recorder locked to the cameras and sent mixes to all the cameras used to film the conference

PA / Music

Jim King example to follow


Example to follow

Self Shooting / Live Support

“We were Young”

Production Company – Renegade Television
Broadcaster: BBC3

Sabsound has helped various productions with smaller crewing budgets to get the best possible quality by setting up self shooting rigs and specific sound solutions for recording scenarios. We supplied an IEM system, which allowed sync sound to be recorded for the reveal set-ups, which saw the parents reviewing footage on a laptop of the young drivers with the sound being delivered to a discrete ear piece worn by everyone watching. The edit were able to cut the actual sound for the program with out any bleed from the laptop removing limits to what could be used. A track of the laptop sound was also put on the cameras allowing the edit to know exactly what they were reacting to. The system was simple and supplied making it very easy for self-shooting Directors to set up and use.

We offer live online video technical support to production companies we supply equipment to for self-shooters with an experienced sound technician to walk you through any technical issues that may arise while on location. This can be done using Skype or Face Time.

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